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Supported Libraries

Development Resources

SCP provides hundreds of APIs/SDKs and continues to grow for your application development. We also bring agents so that your device can connect with SCP. In addition, we give you access to technical documentation, libraries and sample source codes to let you develop your application in the fastest way. In the next version, SCP will provide more resources to assist you. Your success is our success.

Guideline documents

We have prepared many detailed technical documents and guidelines to support you in the application development process including soft copies and videos with step-by-step guidelines.


SCP provides the necessary software libraries, Agent software/firmware and sample source codes for you to develop your application. If you have any special requirements do not hesitate to let us know.

API documents

With hundreds of APIs and thousands more being introduced in the near future, we have a detailed document to guide you on how to use APIs. Download the guide with your developer account and start now.

Register for an SCP Developer Account

Register an SCP Developer Account to be able to connect, collect, control and manage all devices, assets, things that you request and build your own IoT applications. If you are an individual, please choose Individual user account - IUA. If you are a company / an organization, please choose Group user account GUA to have more suitable features.

Individual Account
Gói cá nhân
Group Account
Gói doanh nghiệp


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