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With an open platform, easy-to-use application programming interfaces, software development libraries and easily accessible helpful documents the solutions are always at your fingertips. Our technicians are available no matter where you are in the world any time you need assistance.


We’ll help you find the most compatible devices for your IoT applications. We also shorten time-to-market, saving you resources and expenses through our continuous support.


SCP is a highly adaptive technology that can be applied to many different vertical industries. We’ve worked with industries ranging from Agriculture to Smart Factories, and Transportation to Healthcare. Our hard work in these industries means that we’ll always find the right solution for you.

Supported vertical Industries

IOT Applications

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Connected Home (Click here)

This sample IoT application is designed for connected houses in order to support users with more effective control and monitoring. Furthermore, users can make use of the application on smartphones as a remote control...

Connected Agriculture (Click here)

This sample IoT application is developed for Agriculture, to let smartphones and computers serve as support for monitoring the conditions of temperature, humidity, lighting, pH,...

Connected Bus and eTicket (Click here)

This sample IoT application is designed for the connected bus systems can help bus firms tracking and monitoring the bus fleet, planning the bus routes, issuing electronic bus tickets. The passengers ...

Connected Logistics (Click here)

Regarding logistics fields, this sample IoT applications can operate specialized functions for helping logistic companies to monitor their goods dispatching from initial order to inventory, and from delivery ..

Connected Family (Click here)

The feeling of assurance can be maintained among family members when parents can make use of this sample IoT application for monitoring and contacting their children, the elderly, and vice versa. Many functions..

Connected Factory (Click here)

This sample IoT application is designed for connected factory to help supervising manufacturing process, finished products, inventory. The application also helps managing all things, assets, machines ..

Connected Electricity Metering (Click here)

This sample IoT application facilitates electricity corporates to manage and gather data of electricity consumption of a household accurately, promptly, and conveniently. They also support companies to govern ..

Connected Bank (Click here)

This sample IoT application is designed for banks to manage their money loader car fleet from bank branches to ATM booths. With the assistance of positioning technology, different types of sensors...

Connected Kids (Click here)

This sample IoT application is designed for children who wear smart watches with GPS and two-way calling features. With the assistance of positioning technology, parents can track the location of children ...

Connected Water Metering (Click here)

This sample IoT application is designed for water supply companies to manage and collect consumed water volume of each household accurately, quickly and convenient. The application helps manage...

Connected Fleets (Click here)

This sample IoT application is designed for fishing vessels to manage all fishing fleets, provide fishermen with voyages, location, communication among fleets, notifications, instructions to ensure safety for ...

Connected Sport (Click here)

This sample IoT application is designed for connected sports, by wearable devices, which support users to keep track of their health status by viewing every day consumed calories, heart beats, or steps....

Connected Enviroment (Click here)

This sample IoT application is designed for air quality monitoring purpose to get AQI index. With this application, user can view air quality indexes such as CO, SO2, CO, NO2, O3 concentration in real-time..

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