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SCP Overview

SCP Solution – Smart Connected Platform is a comprehensive technology solution for Internet of Things tailored from Cloud computing, Edge/ Fog computing and other advanced technologies. It has been designed and developed by VNPT Technology to let you connect IoT devices, things and assets to the internet and to collect and manage these on a single platform. SCP also allows you to build and distribute IoT Applications. SCP can help make this process quicker and more effective and save you both time and money. SCP supports different vertical industries such as Connected Transportation, Connected Health, Connected City, Connected Home, Connected Agriculture, Connected Industry, Connected Energy, and many more.

SCP is deployed using the SaaS (Software as a Service) model. It allows developers to build IoT applications in a single platform. SCP is also customizable in IaaS, PaaS models or all-in-one packaging of OPM - On Premise which gives customers a complete end-to-end solution for any requirement.

SCP connects Things via any data transmission technology ranging from short-range communication such as USB, MODBUS, RS232, RS485, RFID, Bluetooth, to long-range such as FTTx, FTTH, 3G, 4G. There are also dedicated technologies for IoT such as Sigfox, LoRa (unlicensed band) or NB-IoT, EC-GSM, LTE CatM1 (licensed band). There are a variety of options as long as the device is equipped with the Internet protocols that SCP supports.

SCP Introduction

SCP Main Characteristics

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SCP connects Things to the Internet by supporting all popular Internet protocols such as MQTT, HTTPS, CoAP, LWM2M, OMA-DM, and more. IoT devices, IoT Gateways connect the Things by any field protocol, interface. Whenever these devices finish the certification process, they can connect easily to SCP.


When Things are connected to SCP, all information received from devices, facilities and assets will be collected in the way you want it to be, in real-time, in a preset interval or periodically. The Hadoop-based Big Data Infrastructure brings you unlimited storage and fastest query capability.


You can centrally manage your Things by means of a single administration account, or from an IoT application created just for you. Centralized management leads to unified data in the system and support your analytics, predictions and plans in the future.


With all devices connected to SCP, as long as the Internet is available, you can remotely control devices from anywhere, anytime by multi-screen, multi-platform IoT applications which are created based on your business requirements.


SCP supports IoT application development by providing an inventory of APIs/SDKs and technical documentation for development instructions. We also offer sample codes, experiences in IoT application development and information for IoT commercial application on SCP. In the near future, parallel to API inventory enrichment, we will also provide API gateways and other necessary tools and resources for IoT application development. The Cloud computing and Edge/Fog computing infrastructure that are used in SCP will help you develop and implement IoT Applications and IoT Agents quickly. Your success is our success.


SCP ensures that your application will reach to as many users and your devices will be selected by as many IoT developers as possible. We have an extensive partner and customer network. Together we can build an IoT Marketplace to distribute applications and devices for everyone in a connected world.

SCP Advanced technologies

Cloud Computing

SCP uses advanced technology to connect, manage, store and centrally process in a single and unified platform in the fashion of multitenancy. SCP supports not only Client-Server architecture but also Publish-Subscribe architecture which broadcasts and forwards a large amount of messages in our platform to any IoT resource. In addition, the SOA Middlewares technology that we developed (named Common Service Bus) will facilitate inter-integration for not only inner applications and devices in SCP but also for other systems in any vertical industries.

Edge/Fog Computing

Cloud computing is not enough To manage an IoT network with a diversity of devices, gateways and Things that are able to connect from any distance using any data transmission network technology. To optimize the performance of IoT Cloud and to avoid any problems Edge/Fog computing is implemented. This technology lets Fog Node at the edge of the network proactively process data, instantly make decisions without cloud request.

Big Data Hadoop

Since the early days when we designed the SCP platform, we knew that building an infrastructure to store and query data for Things was our core mission. We did not only make use of SQL, NoSQL databases but developed infrastructure using Apache-Hadoop technologies to reduce costs, to empower the Data infrastructure and to do Data Analytics for all future requirements.

MessageBroker technology

SCP implemented Publish-Subscribe architecture with Broadcast capability to send billions of messages instantly. VNPT Technology realized that in the IoT Network, Things will connect to each other via messaging. We developed this technology to improve message transfer, optimize the network bandwidth and reduce the network latency. One appliance can handle hundreds of thousands of messages per second and will let us control, collect and connect unlimited IoT Resources.

Global security standard

We are aware that security is a concern regarding IoT applications and devices. Our SCP design is based on global standards including ETSI/oneM2M, GSMA. The security technology provided by these organizations has been researched carefully and implemented strictly since the SCP’s creation We will never stop optimizing our solutions and security technology for your peace of mind.

OTA - Over the air

This technology lets SCP proactively, remotely and automatically update over the air for firmwares and configure settings of Device Nodes on SCP, with security-enhanced capability.

Middlewares technology

Towards to the connected world, SOA - Service Oriented Architect of software approach is the key that going through entire design and developing process of Smart Connected Platform, at VNPT Technology, we call it CSB - Core Function Service Bus. Resulted from deep research of ETSI/oneM2M, Telco 2.0, this software-based service bus that is designed beyond the enterprise requirement, but also at carrier-grade to aim at transmitting message of everything that is connected to SCP quickly and easily. Also, this middleware technology helps to do interconnecting easily with other software-based system in any industry via scalable, robust, high available bus CSB

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